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Science outreach event at a school

Join us for one of our upcoming Physics events!

We host colloquia, seminars and a number of outreach events.

Electronic Structure Poster Fair

304 Weniger

Speaker: Solid State Physics Students

Summary: Graduate and Undergraduate Solid State Physics Students from PH 575 will present ~13 posters from 3:20 to 4:30 pm in 304 Weniger.

Every student performed first-principle Quantum Espresso DFT calculations on materials of interest, they then made a poster and… Read more

New Direct Electron Imaging Techniques for Quantum Materials

116 Weniger

Speaker: Prof. Kayla Nguyen, University of Oregon, Physics

Abstract: The advent of electron microscopy has revolutionized materials discovery. However, one of the main barriers is the cost of expensive aberration correcting lenses for atom-by-atom imaging.