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Bo Sun talking to a student

We understand it may be overwhelming and sometimes confusing to navigate the universe of all OSU courses and select the right one for your degree and your career. Your physics advisor is there to help navigate these challenges and ensure that you are connected to the resources our department and the university have to offer to help you make the most of your time in college.

Meet our head physics advisor!

Fred DeAngelis

Office located in Weniger 315

You can schedule a Zoom meeting with me through Beaver Hub. Physics majors should find me on their Success Team. Others can use this Temporary Connection link. This link will take you to my profile in Beaver Hub. Click “Add Temporary Connection” then “Schedule Appointment.” You can also refer to these instructions.

For brief questions, or if you have trouble making an appointment, email

Course registration

Registration for fall term requires a PIN number, so all physics majors must meet with the head advisor in spring term to get the PIN and to discuss which courses to take. These meetings are to help you make acceptable progress toward completing your degree and to see that you don't overlook any departmental or university requirements. In this spring term meeting, we will make sure that your curriculum planner in MyDegrees is up to date with the courses that you need to take for the following year. If you wish, you may also meet in other terms to discuss your curriculum.

Advising appointments for registration are typically held in weeks 5-7, before registration opens. An email will describe how to sign up for these meetings.

All variations from the required departmental curricula must be approved by the head advisor. College or university requirements can be changed only through academic petitions to the College of Science or the Registrar's Office respectively.

Career resources

Physics graduates are highly sought after in the job market. Our graduates frequently go on to pursue a diversity of rewarding careers, such as software engineers, government research technicians, education or industry consultants. Some may choose to go to graduate school to study physics, engineering, and other research fields.

View career resources 

Newly accepted to physics?

Before starting classes at Oregon State you will have to attend a START session. During that session you will meet with an advisor to discuss your program for the next term. The most important issue to resolve is the mathematics course appropriate for you to begin at OSU. Not all information might be available to the advisor, so please bring copies of AP exam results and similar data to the START session. Feel free to contact the head advisor ahead of time with all questions you might have (