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Funding Graduate School

Student working on equipment supervised by Yun Shik-Lee

Assistantships for graduate students at all stages

All entering PhD students are offered full financial support as graduate teaching assistants or research assistants. MS students are also eligible to apply for assistantships but are not guaranteed support. The stipends and health insurance (insurance for both individuals and families) compare favorably to other institutions. Dollar amounts are especially strong when compared to the cost of living in Corvallis. For example, the rent index is approximately 26 (percentage of New York City prices).

We offer teaching assistantships to first- and second-year students. Duties usually involve 15 hours per week of laboratory work and exam grading in our beginning physics classes. Beyond the second year, students are usually supported by research assistantships under the research contracts of the major professor or thesis advisor. All assistantships include a full waiver of tuition. Additional employment during the summer months is generally available.

Students who apply to our Ph.D. program by the application deadline will be automatically considered for a number of fellowship/scholarship awards that support graduate student success. The awards include the Wei Family Foundation Scholarship, the Provost’s Distinguished Graduate Fellowships and Scholarships, ARCS Foundation Scholar Awards, and the OSU Physics Foundation Scholarship.

Whiteley Materials Fund

The Ben and Elaine Whiteley Endowment for Materials Research, established in 2007, provides support for materials research in the College of Science. In particular, it provides fellowship support for students to work full-time during the summer in a research laboratory, working on materials science and related topics.

Graduate Research Award

The Department of Physics recognizes the valuable contribution to science made by graduate student researchers and yearly selects an outstanding graduate student for special recognition in research.

Graduate Teaching Assistant Award

The Department of Physics recognizes the importance of teaching assistants to its mission and selects an outstanding graduate TA for special recognition each year.